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    WellDone is the brand of Albatros, representing our commitment and professionalism in a wide range of selected products offered to you at a competitive price. WellDone boasts a product quality that meets both your standards and international standards. Products are available in both retail & catering size packs. WellDone perfectly adapts to your business scope and needs.

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    Pao Pao is our premium brand for Instant Dry Yeast that can be used in the production of various fermented products including all kinds of breads, buns and fermented pastry. Pao Pao Instant Dry Yeast can be used for both traditional and industrial baking processes. In 500g packages, it is the solution with the best quality/price rate for your business.            

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    Erikli, obtained from the very source at 2,300 m altitude at the summit of Uludag, and bottled without being touched by human hands, offers you and your family the best, natural health warranty, and can be consumed in a completely safe and reliable way.
    Specific analyses are carried-out on every stage of bottling. With this partnership, Albatros is able to distribute this his high-end product into different world markets upon request.            

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    Kizilay is Turkey's leading sparkling mineral water brand and is a subsidary of the Turkish Red Crescent. It is quality water combined with the most advanced technologies and procedures that brings us a unique flavour and fine bubbles to delight the palate. With a remarkable mineral composition it provides us the minerals we need. All revenues from Kizilay Mineral Water are used for humanitary purposes and financiate Turkish Red Crescent (leading international humanitary aid organization).

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    An extensive portfolio of high quality canned items, offered with the option of supplying mixed loadings for the following products: pulses, vegetables, meat, pickles and pastes.